Our design approach evolves constantly during the process of our self reflection and criticism. Our current thoughts on design can be summarized by three key words: Research, Resilience, and Resistance.


The contemporary built environment has become fast, complex and vivacious. Whilst we emphasize on fulfilling clients' needs and the efficient way of project delivery, we do treasure the discreet and detailed research activities in the design process of every project. We believe there are latent factors in every unique project which could bring additional values to the client. For instance, cultural elements could bring branding value to commercial projects, or vice versa, commercial elements could bring self sustainability to cultural projects. Research activities being conducted during early design stage could help us to find out these latent values and incorporate them into our design consideration. During these research activities, we also intensely question on various conventional concepts of planning, function, form and space in order to find out innovative yet pragmatic solutions for our clients.


We do not favor a rigid and personal design style or methodology for our clients, and we do not see it as marketing strategy. In fact this is ignorance to the various cultures regarding living, construction, communication and design. We seek for resilience in terms of design strategies, working methodologies and team collaborations. We consider different types of spatial logics and usages for different cultures of living; develop different design methodologies and detailing techniques for different cultures of construction; test different modes of team collaboration for different cultures of communication; gain multi-dimensional inspiration from different cultures of design.


We maintain resistance to the two hottest topics in the field of architecture today - computational form making and green building design. We are proficient in computational design and interested in formal expression, but we resist the over-exuberant production of architectural forms by the fast and convenient computational tools. We favor environmental friendly design, but we resist the over-produced green roofs and sky gardens born under the slogan of green design, and the over-complicated technology being developed for energy - saving purpose. We intend to pursuit form - making and sustainable design with a primitive and fundamental approach.

Besides the importance of accomplishing basic design tasks and problem-solving in the design stage, we emphasize on the high quality of realized built works. We seek for the well balance between the rationality of construction and the poetic expression of form, space and material.