Location Guangzhou, China
Site Area 137000m2
Floor Area 58000m2
Status Design Development
Design Architect O Studio Architects

Developed by Heineken Group in Guangzhou, this mix-used project consists of the brewery, corporate office, cellar block, packaging block, engineering block and staff dormitory. The process of manufacturing beer is governed by a set of sophisticated technical requirements which demands the master layout to be designed in a rational and pragmatic way. The main planning strategy is to enhance the direct connectivity among different building blocks, minimize the flow distance of manufacturing line and maximize the production efficiency. The brewery block is located at the north- west corner of the site and gaining strong visibility from the main roads. It is considered as the highlight building and the entrepreneur showcase of the whole development.

“Moving Line” is the inspiration of the brewery design concept. The process of turning a linear and flat line into a moving line is incorporated into the massing design. The dynamic silhouette of the building marks a prominent profile which enhances the client’s corporate image. The highest point of the moving line is the 30 meter observation tower where visitor can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire brewery. The cantilevered glass box on the north – west corner of the building is the display area of the brewery.

White and grey tones, which often appear in traditional southern Chinese architecture, are used in order to bring out the oriental elegance within an overall modern architectural language. In terms of material usage, the project introduces various traditional and recycled materials for the building skin. Recycled grey bricks are used for some walls and openings, enriching the surface texture and bringing soft daylight into the interior. Weather – proof paper tubes are used for the vertical elements on the façade, not only minimizing construct cost but also delivering high finishing quality.