Location Guangzhou, China
Site Area 4000m2
Floor Area 4500m2
Status Design Development
Design Architect O Studio Architects

In order to manifest the spirit of “Meet Everyone”, “Meet You There”, the interior design of various beer – tasting clubs of Heineken worldwide is manifold in order to respond to different cultures and tastes. Located in Guangzhou, this project consists of multi – functional spaces including beer – tasting zone, lecture hall and R&D offices. The interior design of this projects aims at combining the modern and minimal with the traditional southern Chinese architectural style.

This project encourages natural ventilation and brings light, shadow and outdoor scenery into the interior space. Whiteness, as a generator of modern atmosphere, is introduced into the interior space as the primary tone. The conventional focus on detailing and material assembly is shifted towards the sensation of light, shadow and reflection. Furthermore, the whiteness of the interior finishes serves as a neutral canvas for the play of various lighting effects during different events.

In various interior spaces, some symbolic elements such as traditional window frame patterns and antique Chinese furniture are used to implicitly convey the idea of Chineseness. However in order to avoid too much literal representation, most antique furniture are finished with modern paint. This helps to maintain the balance between the traditional and modern, western and Chinese.