Location San Diego, USA
Site Area 750000m2
Floor Area 645000m2
Status Competition Runner-up
Design Architect O Studio Architects
Collaborators Shane Campbell, Ignacio Correa, Macy Leung, Xue Zhou

The East Village Art District, while situated on a former industrial warehouse district for local artists, is anchored by the new multi-generational, sustainable and artistic development that breathes life into East Village. This urban development proposes the creation of over 1,500 new jobs and strives to be a catalyst that attracts all generations and backgrounds to live, shop, and work. The project is unified by a central art park, and subdivided by four art-themed sub districts, each with its own art-themed pocket park which serves as a gathering platform for public art activities.

The Canal
The canal is constructed along various fault lines on site and provides numerous benefits to the East Village. First, the irregular shape of the fault line allows the design of the canal and urban space to be more picturesque and organic which ensures a pleasant living environment. Second, the canal is constructed over an active fault line and mitigates the risk to people and buildings. Third, it captures grey-water from nearby buildings, and generates a sustainable water source for canal water refill, irrigation and passive cooling systems in the dry San Diego climate.

The Art Galleria
This development aims to supplement the existing art activities on site by providing a new space for native local and botique artists to exhibit. The Art Galleria is a hybrid of exhibition space and commercial space including exhibition halls, cinema, bookstores, restaurants and small art supplies stores. It also includes the extension of New School of Architecture. It is located adjacent to the main highway and its sculptural form attracts drivers’ eyes. The public plaza in front of the art galleria serves as an event hub for the art district.