Location Huizhou, China
Site Area 16500m2
Floor Area 8400m2
Status Design Development
Design Architect O Studio Architects

River Horizon Artist Village is the phase one development of LFSC master plan. It consists of the artist activity center, three types of artist housing and the half-sunken car park. The site is located at the two valleys of Luofu Mountain Scenery District with steep slopes. The primary design strategy is to lay out the architectural masses in a way to respond to the unique landscape and geographical condition. As a result the cluster of buildings forms various spaces for art exhibition and artist workshop activities.

The artist village is split into east and west wing. The flatter land between the two wings becomes the main entrance of the village. Four types of artist housing are built along the rising landscape. 15 type A houses are situated at the higher land of east wing and form a u-shape along the natural landscape. Some enjoy the lake view and some orientate towards south. The space surrounded by the u-shape becomes the place for several artist activity centers, small retails and recreational facilities. The cluster of the minimal boxy architectural forms provides venues for outdoor exhibition and artist workshops. The half-sunken car park is hidden underneath the artist activity center, providing 65 parking lots for the artist residents and visitors from the adjacent museum. There are large amount of openings on the façade and roof of the car park which encourages natural ventilation.

Located on the west wing, type B and C housing have larger area of usable floor and garden. Type C housing have large amount of outdoor terrace area and are equipped with disable elevators. A display house is located on the highest point of west wing. It features a 17 meter long column-free living space which enjoys the panoramic view of Luofu Mountain.