Location Huizhou, China
Site Area 500m2
Floor Area 100m2
Status Built 2009
Design Architect ADARC Associates Limited + O Studio Architects
Local Design Institute Huizhou Huaxia Architectural Design Institute Ltd.
Main Contractor Wuchuan Construction Engineering Co. Ltd.

Mountain water gate does not intend to be a grave barrier separating outside and inside. Its form and rhythm play the prelude of journey, calling for one’s anticipation to the unknown path ahead. The cold concrete refutes to celebrate the massiveness of wall, transmute into the abstraction of jumping lines which subtly echo with the latent energy of mountain and water. The decently arrayed bamboo softens the cold concrete, delineates the lightness of the gate, and marks a visible yet permeable boundary. The mountain water gate married utterly with nature. Its undefined and unassuming form marks neither beginning nor end, only reverberates piano in the memory of visitors.